Swiss Bone Broth

swiss cucumber cold broth
Swiss Cucumber Cold Broth

Swiss Cucumber Cold Broth

In the beauty scene, its not a secret, all the benefits of cucumber. Now combine that with dill and ginger and you got something super freshing and healthy!

We created that you can drink cold or warm. We prefer is cold, hence Cold Broth.

Our Cucumber,Dill and Ginger Broth

Gluten free

Lactose free

No flavor enhancer

No added colors

No artificial flavors

No added sugar

Nutrition Facts

Cucumber, Dill and Ginger Broth

Ingredients: Cucumber (Europe) 77%, Water, Ginger 1.3 %; Sea Salt, Dill

Per 100 g

Energy value 49kj / 12 kcal

Fat 0.08 g

-Saturated fatty acids <0 g

Carbohydrates 1.64 g

-Sugar 1.49 g

Protein 0.56g

Fiber 0.66

Sodium 0.63 g

Preparation: Heat content in the pan (not in microwave)

Further applications: Base for cooking

Frozen product lasts 1 year 

Store frozen at -18 C. If thawed do not freeze again. Consume after thawing within 48 hours.

Made in Switzerland