What is Bone broth


Bone Broth is not another hipster trend, this trend has been around for ages in all kind of cultures, asia, south america, middle east or europe we all have our own kind of broth, just ask your grand mother.

It started with our primal ancestor using every part of the animal "nose to tail"  which was used as nutritious and medicinal power soups. 


As the swiss regulation does not allow us to make health claims cause we are not nutritional researcher.  You have to do your own research on Bone Broth ( google it ;-) )

Nutrition researchers such as Sally Fallon and Kaayla Daniel of the Weston A. Price Foundation, studies show that bone broth helps boost the immunse system, healing leaky gut syndrom, healthy liver, overcoming food intolerance and allergies, improving joint heath, reducing cellulite and wrinkles.

They explain when bone broth cooked for long periods of time, nutrients like glutamine, glycine, glucosamine, collagen, calcium,magnesium, phosphorus, chondroitin sulphates, silicon, sulphur soak into the broth, which than your body can easy absorb. Once bone broth cools down it turns to gelatin. Bones are comprised primarily of collagen, and collagen is converted into gelatin when cooked. While you google the health benefits of bone broth , also google health benefits of gelatin.

No wonder that some people call it a superfood that can be attributed to its powerful and wellness benefits. 

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